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Call 760-519-0397 or email if you wish photos sent to you of specific available plants.

Please note! We do not ship. Our nursery is open 7 days/week by appointment. We do offer delivery service for Southern California locations.


B Textilis Gracilis

B. Textilis Gracilis

Makes a great 10' to 16' privacy screen, bushy with small "footprint" for tight spaces.

Mexican Weeping, Trimmed

Otatea Acuminata ssp Aztecorum

Example of Mexican Weeping as a trimmed hedge (up to 8 feet). Great screen.

Bambusa Oldhami

Bambusa Oldhamii

Giant Timber- clumping "California Standard" used for privacy screening

Bamboo Pavillion, Bali - Jorg Stamm, Architech

Bamboo Pavillion in Bali, Joerg Stamm, Architect. Website:

Borinda Fungosa

Borinda Fungosa - Himalayan Bamboo

Red Cane Bamboo

Otatea Acuminata Aztecorum, Mexican Weeping

Otatea Acuminata ssp Aztecorum - Mexican Weeping

Clumping. Long feathery leaves. Adds a lacy texture and lots of movement to the landscape.

Dendrocalamus Asper Hitam

Dendrocalamus Asper Hitam

Clumping. Eye catching focal point. Giant black culms. Fast growing

Chusquea Pittieri

Chusquea Pittieri

Clumping. Unusual looking with spikes around culm nodes. Grows up then arches over and will climb on trees.

Bambusa Textilis

Bambusa Textilis

Clumping. Excellent hedge, upright with graceful arching at top.

Bambusa Lako, Timor Black

Bambusa Lako Timor Black

Clumping with beautiful black culms. Great focal point.

Bambusa Vulgaris Vittata

Bambusa Vulgaris "Vittata"

Painted Bamboo- clumping. Great as a hedge or as a focal point. Beautiful yellow with green striped clumps.

Chusquea Coronalis

Chusquea Coronalis

Clumping. Beautiful focal point. Lacy and graceful, arching culms.