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Edible Landscapes

Feijoa sellowiana - Pineapple Guava

Feijoa sellowiana - Pineapple Guava

Colocasia, Giant Taro

Colocasia aka Giant Taro

Full sun, coastal, warm climates.  Very tropical, great in bog areas or in bodies of water.  For more information, visit

Vaccinium, aka "Blueberry"

Blueberries have a sweet taste when mature, with variable acidity. Blueberry bushes typically bear fruit in the middle of the growing season: fruiting times are affected by local conditions such as altitude and latitude, so the height of the crop can vary from May to August depending upon these conditions. For more information, visit

Raise Beds, Mature

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE method provides many benefits as compared with conventional farming and gardening methods, and is an inexpensive, easily implemented sustainable production method that can be used by people who lack the resources (or desire) to implement commercial chemical and fossil-fuel-based forms of agriculture. For more information, visit Call us for advice and consult to set up your own.

Musa, aka "Banana Tree"

Musa aka Banana Tree

Great tropical foliage and tasty fruit in the right Growing Zone.  For more information, visit

Igna Edulis, aka Ice Cream Bean

Igna Edulis aka Ice Cream Bean

The pods contain black seeds which are embedded in a thick white juicy pulp that tastes slightly like vanilla ice cream.  For more information visit

Ficus Carica, Fig

Ficus Carica aka Fig

(Black Mission Fig pictured).  Figs can be eaten fresh or dried, and used in jam-making.  For more information, visit

Eugenia Uniflora, Surinam Cherry

Eugenia Uniflora aka Surinam Cherry

The taste ranges from sweet to sour, depending on the cultivar and level of ripeness (the darker red to black range is quite sweet, while the green to orange range is strikingly tart). The plant is relatively pest resistant, easy to grow and high in antioxidants. The Surinam Cherry is often used in gardens as a hedge or screen. The fruit is high in Vitamin C, and its predominant food use is as a flavoring and base for jams and jellies.  For more information, visit

Eriobotrya Japonica, Loquat

Eriobotrya Japonica aka Loquat

The skin, though thin, can be peeled off manually if the fruit is ripe. The fruits are the sweetest when soft and orange. The flavor is a mix of peach, citrus and mild mango.  For more information, visit

Chile Plants

Chile Plants

Great in landscapes. Chiles look like Christmas Ornaments and are very edible for the ones who dare!!

Bamboo Shoot Harvesting

Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are the edible shoots (new bamboo culms that come out of the ground) of many bamboo species. They are used in numerous Asian dishes and broths. They are sold in various processed shapes, and are available in fresh, dried, and canned versions.  Let’s eat our fence!!  For more information, visit

Bambook Shoot Harvesting

Bamboo Shoot Harvesting

Physalis Peruviana

Physalis Peruviana also known as Poha Berry

The fruit is a smooth berry, resembling a miniature spherical yellow tomato. Removed from its bladder-like calyx, it is about the size of a marble, about 1–2 cm in diameter. Like a tomato, it contains numerous small seeds. It is bright yellow to orange in color, and it is sweet when ripe, with a characteristic, mildly tart flavor, making it ideal for snacks, pies or jams. It is popular in salads and fruit salads, sometimes combined with avocado. For more information, visit

Dwarf Arabacca Coffee Tree

Dwarf Arabacca Coffee Tree

Relatively fast growing in partial sun. Grow your own coffee beans!